Young people are our next generation of philanthropists. Volunteer Alexandria's youth and family volunteer program promotes civic responsibility and increases, facilitates, and recognizes community service among young people. Our goal is that all children and youth, ages 6 to 21, thrive and are engaged in their community! We create projects for volunteers as young as six years old.  Help us engage them in service!
We need YOUR help to continue this important work and offer additional projects. Consider making an investment to support family volunteering by donating $25. Click HERE to make a donation.  Check out what Mitchell and Claire have to say about their volunteer experience.

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Spring for Alexandria's YOUTH Community Service Day on May 20, 9:30 a.m. -11:30 a.m. Click HERE to learn more and to register. 

1. Children develop compassion as they learn the value of giving to others. They learn to recognize and appreciate the goodness in their own lives. Help your children to learn to appreciate what they have, to make sacrifices, and be kind to others. 
2. Volunteering encourages children to do things they're good at, as well as things they want to learn about. Moving beyond their comfort zone and learning new skills encourages self-confidence. 
3. Children discover inner strengths and life skills when they volunteer. Teamwork, cooperation, tolerance and problem solving help them to cope with the daily challenges they encounter in their own lives.
4. Children learn what it means to be a valued member of a community. Growing into adulthood with a greater sense of social responsibility makes children more likely to volunteer throughout their lives.

5. Volunteering gives kids the chance to meet a range of different people from totally different backgrounds, and to make new friends. It enhances kids' emotional development and fosters socializing and communication skills.
6. Be the next generation of change makers! "Volunteering shows the next generation how to "Be the change they wish to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi
Besides, volunteering feels good, and lets not only adults know that they can make a difference. Children's involvement in service to others brings out their sense of self worth, giving them the understanding that they do have something to contribute to society. Volunteer Alexandria connects people, six years and older, with community needs.  Our mission is to build a stronger community by inspiring and mobilizing people to volunteer!

The 1st Annual Family and Youth Community Service Day involved more than 80 children, youth and family volunteers, who packed kits and wrote notes for the USO. Thank you to BB&T and the Lighthouse Project for sponsoring the project! 

More than 20 families with children ages six to fifteen joined Volunteer Alexandria at the Douglas MacArthur Elementary School for the first Family Volunteer Day. The children and adults learned how the projects will benefit others in the community, as well as how to stay engaged in community service and why it is important to give back. It was wonderful to see children as young as five years old working side by side with other children and adults on an activity. Family Volunteer Day is powered by generationOn, sponsored by Disney Friends for Change, and hosted by Volunteer Alexandria for YOU in Alexandria.