Volunteers are the Heart of Alexandria!

Every year, Volunteer Alexandria is recognizing volunteers at the Volunteers are the Heart of Alexandria. This event honors volunteers nominated by the community for their outstanding service. Honoring the volunteers who are the heart and soul of our City is the highlight of this event. 

Julie Jakopic, who has dedicated much of her life to helping improve the lives of Alexandria residents and who has been a standout volunteer, known for her relentless energy and commitment to the city’s low income, women, and special needs citizens for over 25 years will received the Marian Van Landignham Lifetime Achievement Award.

Eleanor Lindeman, received the Joan White Grassroots Volunteer Service Award for her work with the INOVA Alexandria Hospital. She 
dedicates her time to those who need it most, the patients.

Donna Reuss, who has been involved in many community efforts, including emergency preparedness work through the American Legion Post #24, where she serves on the Executive Board, also received the Joan White Grassroots Volunteer Service Award.

The youth part of The Bryce Project, received the Youth Volunteer Service Award, for their countless hours of performing community service in Alexandria.

Denise Mackie-Smith, a active 
RSVP program volunteer, who also serves on the Alexandria Commission on Aging to ensure the 55+ residents are being served, received the RSVP Northern Virginia Volunteer Award

In addition, we highlighted 76 volunteers who have served 150+ hours,  which is a total of 
23,848 hours, valued at $593,816 worth in service to the Alexandria Community!


Award categories and previous winners:
Marian Van Landingham Lifetime Achievement Award: Given to an Alexandria community member who has served this community consistently over his or her lifetime. Nominees have served one or more agencies in many different capacities and can include people who have served on boards, commissions, and in organizing roles. 
Previous winners include: William Willis, Pat Miller, John Porter, David Speck, Nina Tisara, Allen Lomax, Lyles Carr, Val Hawkins, Gene Steuerle, Kerry Donley

Joan White Grassroots Volunteer Service Award: Given to one or more volunteers who have selflessly committed time, energy, and skills to help organizations further their missions. 
Previous winners include: Brooke Curran, Patty Moran, Seena Foster, Scott Kahler, Marya Fitzgerald, Donald White, Susanne Arnold, Steve Nearman, Maria Carbrera, Ray Gingrich

Youth Volunteer Service Award: Given to a youth volunteer, age 12 – 18 years, who has selflessly committed time, energy and skills to help a cause or an organization to further its mission.
Previous winners include: Emma West, Yahya Yaziji, Isabella Lovain, and Day'Quon Henderson

Emergency Preparedness Award: Given to an Alexandria community member or group who demonstrated a unique and sustained contribution to Alexandria’s emergency preparedness. Nominees will exhibit an awareness of and commitment to the safety and well-being of the community, its citizens and guests. 
Previous winners include: Marco Johnson and the American Legion Post#24

NEW RSVP Northern Virgina Award: Given to an RSVP Northern Virginia volunteer 55+, who has used their skills and interests to make a valuable, lasting impact in our community.
Previously mentioned for hours: Betty Gentile and Salvatore Manno

2016 Event: The 22nd annual Volunteers are the Heart of Alexandria event was fun!
This event was supported by Grosvenor Americas, John Marshall Bank, King Street Wireless, David & Diann Frantz, Jenner & Block, KrekelerBrower Wealth Advisors, LLC, and Speck-Caudron Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors and many others. For a list of great sponsors and donors, click HERE

Here is what people said about the annual volunteer recognition event:

I wanted to congratulate you on such an amazing event last Wednesday. The spirit of volunteerism was alive and well, and it was an honor to celebrate with you."

"A real nice event; everyone I saw had a smile! Nice set up, good food and a stellar list of awardees. Really becoming a "must attend" event."

"Twas a lovely affair"

"You guys at Volunteer Alexandria should be very proud; what a great event! I had so much fun meeting people (and eating the delicious food)!"

"Thanks for the other night.  I had a great time."

"Thank you to you and your team for hosting a fantastic evening!"

"A note to Thank you for allowing me to be a part of last night's event; it was not only inspiring, but also flawless! The auction checkout appeared to go smoothly"

"We all had a great time at the Volunteer Awards! Thanks for being so encouraging and easy to work with.  You did a great job!"

"A wonderful and successful event."

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And the 2016 winners are...
Kerry Donley is the Marian Van Landingham Lifetime Achievement Awardee 

The Joan White Grassroots Volunteer Service Awardees are 
Maria Cabrera - CASA Chirilagua and Ray Gingrich - Inova Alexandria Hospital

Youth Volunteer Service Award goes to Day 'Quon Henderson

The Emergency Preparedness Awards go to Marco Johnson, MRC and to the American Legion Post #24


Grassroots Nominees were: Ann Masters and Ted Kimmerly - Inova Alexandria Hospital; Dr. Bill Rogers - Carpenter's Shelter; Gerald Loughlin - Prevention of Blindness; Jane Orci and Kathy Killian - Wesley Housing Development Corporation; Jill Ahrold - Community Lodgings

Marian Van Landingham Nominees are: Doris Crawford, Lynwood Campbell, MaryAnne Beatty, and Mary Anne Weber. CONGRATULATIONS!

Previous Winners include:
Marian Van Landingham Lifetime Achievement Award: Marian Van Landingham, David Speck, Nina Tisara John Porter, Lyles Carr Allen Lomax, Val Hawkins, and Gene Steuerle

Joan White Grassroots Volunteer Award: Marya Fitzgerald, Jim Walsh Donald White, Patty Moran Brooke Curran, Scott Kahler Scooter Slade, Seena Foster, Susanne Arnold, and Steve Nearman
Youth Volunteer Service Award: Emma West, Yahya Yaziji, and Isabella Lovain