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Civic & Community,

Families;LGBT (Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual,Transgender);Low-income communities;Military/Veterans


Age Minimum (with Adult) - 18, Minimum Age - 18+, Skill Category - N/A Verified Volunteers Level:

Hospital Elder Life Program

Inova Health System

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
•	Orient patients to day & environment.
•	Provide therapeutic activities (e.g., reminiscence, current events, trivia, etc.) to mentally and socially stimulate appropriate patients.
•	Assist with patient mobilization by accompanying patients on walks and/or leading range of motion exercises with appropriate patients.
•	Assist patients with meals and feeding by providing encouragement, helping with tray set-up, and feeding patients who are unable to feed themselves.
•	Complete all tasks safely.
•	Understand and respect limitations and boundaries as a HELP volunteer.
•	Assist unit staff.
•	Other tasks as required.

•	Desire to work with the senior population (aged 70 years and older).
•	Good interpersonal communication skills, both oral and written.
•	Able to work independently and be self-directed once assignments are obtained.
•	Able to function as a team member to communicate with patients, other volunteers, and staff members. 
•	Must commit to at least one, 3-hour shift a week for 1 year or 150 hours.
•	Promptly reply to communications with HELP staff via phone or email.
•	Notify staff of absences before the day of your shift (72 hr. notice required with exception to sudden illness, weather conditions, and family emergency).
•	Occasionally make time for skill re-evaluations (every three months) or any re-education/training (if HELP staff believes it is necessary).

Remember, this program aims to improve the health of patients. If you cannot reliably make these commitments at this time, please refrain from applying until you can.


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4/14/2017    - 4/14/2019VOLUNTEERS NEEDED THROUGH 4/14/2019

Alexandria, VA 22304


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Josetta Berardi

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