Volunteer Reception Center

Volunteer Alexandria is looking for volunteers who can help run a Volunteer Reception Center (VRCs), should a disaster or emergency affect the Alexandria community. These VRCs provide a central location where spontaneous, unaffiliated volunteers can go to be placed in volunteer positions to assist with disaster recovery.

VRC Training Opportunties
Volunteer Alexandria conducts a series of Volunteer Reception Center Orientations and Tabletop Exercises for disaster volunteers at Volunteer Alexandria.

VRC Orientations
A high-level overview presentation consisting of what a VRC is, how it is staffed and operated, and the role it plays under the City of Alexandria's Emergency Management Plan.

VRC Tabletop Exercises
These VRC Tabletop exercises are intended to provide diaster volunteers an opportunity to learn the roles and responbilities of VRC volunteer staff and to practice processing Spontaneous, Unaffilated Volunteers. 

Volunteer Alexandria will host a Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) tabletop exercise on Friday, March 31, and test the capability of activating, managing and deactivating a VRC. A number of 12 designated volunteers who have pre-assigned positions, will be trained on their roles and responsibilities. 

James Podlucky, the Office of Emergency Management Training and Exercise Officer said “Exercising the process of a Volunteer Reception Center with our volunteers is significant because it brings everyone together during a non-disaster situation and allows our partners to understand and practice the process. This helps us be better prepared for an actual VRC activation by discussing the plans, policies and procedures that are currently in place. It also allows us to address any gaps that are identified and we will have the ability to correct those gaps in order to be better prepared and ready for a real-world event."

Volunteers play a substantial role before and when a major disaster has been declared. A considerable amount of planning and preparation is necessary prior to an event in order to utilize volunteers efficiently during response and recovery efforts for the City of Alexandria.
For more information and to participate in these trainings, click here or send email to emergencyresponse@volunteeralexandria.org or 703-836-2176.