Alternative Community Service (ACS) program is a fee-based placement program for individuals required by the courts or other agencies to perform community service.  Volunteer Alexandria’s goals for the Community Service program are:

  • To place court-referred clients in community service settings for constructive completion of required hours;
  • To provide nonprofits with valuable volunteers; and
  • To reduce expenses for government programs which would otherwise have to incorporate these individuals.

Community Service Clients are referred to Volunteer Alexandria through courts, probation officers, lawyers, or city agencies and after completing the intake process, are placed with a nonprofit or civic organization to complete their hours.  Volunteer Alexandria handles all of the required paperwork, including a completion letter that is sent when hours are finished.

Why Choose Volunteer Alexandria’s ACS Program?

Over the years, Volunteer Alexandria has streamlined its process to make the ACS Program easy to understand and easy to navigate; resulting in a very high success rate with our clients.

Save Time

  • We place clients at our partner organizations that are able to accommodate ACS clients
  • No calling multiple organizations- we give clients placements that work

Save Money

  • We track hours and court dates so that if a client has finished their required hours, the courts are informed, alleviating the need for multiple court dates
  • We ensure completion letters are sent to all appropriate parties in a timely manner to avoid extending court dates

Benefits Nonprofits and City Agencies

  • Clients are placed based on skill, hours, and location
  • In fiscal year 2013, Volunteer Alexandria placed 148 ACS clients in local nonprofits and city agencies, completing a total of 7,261.2 hours of community service.  This translates to about $178,000, based on the Independent Sectors value of volunteer time for Virginia in 2013. 
  • In fiscal year 2014, Volunteer Alexandria placed 176 ACS clients in local nonprofits and city agencies.  At this time, clients have completed 6,775.3 hours of community service and that number is expected to grow, as there are still currently 32 active clients.   

Click here to learn more about becoming a client; click here to learn more about becoming a nonprofit or city partner agency; or click here to learn more about referring a client to the ACS program.

For more information on the ACS Program, please contact Sami Smyth, Alternative Community Service Manager, at 703-836-2176 or or follow the links on the left hand side.