Posting Your Holiday Volunteering or Donation Needs

We want to make it easy to connect helping hands to those that need, especially during the holiday season, which is why we created the Holiday Volunteering page for volunteers.  

Many individuals in want to give back during the holiday season, either through volunteering their time or making a donation.  We get a lot of calls during this time asking for advice on where to volunteer, and would like this page to become a catch all of holiday volunteering in Alexandria that we can refer them to.

To post volunteer or donation opportunities, please follow these steps:

Adding a Volunteer Opportunity to the Page
We will be continuously updating this page with holiday volunteering projects that are posted to our site.  We will only post holiday projects that have an opportunity currently posted on our site.  

To do so, please log in to your organizations account and use the Volunteer Opportunity Wizard to create a new opportunity and submit it to us.  We will then add it to the holiday volunteering page.

Adding a Donation Opportunity to the Page
Many individuals want to give back during the holidays, but do not have time to volunteer. Donations are a great way for those individuals to still make a difference.  

To post a donation opportunity, we do not require that you have a volunteer opportunity posted, as donations are not the same as volunteering your time.  

We ask that you to e-mail Myra Cruz or call at 703-836-2176 and let her know what donations you are in need of for the season and the person who can be contacted to receive the donations.  We will then post it to the page.

If you are hosting a donation drive, you may want to create a volunteer opportunity, but it is not required.

If you have any questions about Holiday Volunteering, please contact Myra at or 703-836-2176.