Business Connection

Business Conenction is a fee-for-service program that offers customized employee engagement opportunities at sites throughout Alexandria. Our comprehensive project management ensures a high impact day of service that meets your employees’ expectations and furthers your philanthropic goals.  We serve as your wedding planer for your wedding and take care of all logistics. You just need to show up. With Business Connection projects, Volunteer Alexandria provides:

  • Project Coordination - Start to Finish
  • Custom-Tailored Project Design
  • Logistical Details/Material Management
  • Pre-Project Employee Orientation if needed
  • Post-Project Survey if needed

Over the past two years, we have worked with over 50 companies and associations to manage a variety of service projects, where Business Connection volunteers:

  • Built a vegetable garden for a homeless shelter
  • Maintained volleyball fields and removed invasive plants in our local parks
  • Installed a parking lot and cabinetry for the local Boys and Girls Club
  • Built book shelves for children
  • Prepared mailings
  • Cleaned book shelves in local libraries
  • Beautified a group home for mental challenged residents by landscaping and painting the outside areas
  • Delivered meals to homebound senior
  • Landscaped the grounds of our recreation centers and museums

Our supporters embody the strong commitment to community that resonates throughout the City of Alexandria. Engagement with Volunteer Alexandria identifies your company as a leader -, seeking to make meaningful contributions to the well-being of our region. It also offers a proven return on investment: employee volunteering improves retention and supports recruitment, provides valuable leadership and professional development opportunities, and strengthens talents. Positive community visibility provides access to new markets and customers.  

We provide a variety of on-site projects that are able to accommodate anywhere from 10-200 people and support the community by providing hand-made products. 

Please note that this is a Fee-for-Service program and the initial fee will be $250 to provide project options.  The additional Fee- for-Service expense depends on the number of volunteers and activity and starts at $500.

There may also be additional costs for purchasing materials and supplies, which will be added to the fee-for-service amount. Expenses for food, beverages, and transportation if needed are the responsibility of the team hosting the activity. 

Interested? Complete the Intake Form and return to Marion.

On-line payments, click HERE. Questions? Call 703-836-2176.