Volunteer Alexandria's Awards at the Summit

Recognizing our star donors and sponsors is very important and the Business Philanthropy Summit provides an opportunity to do so for the nonprofit organziations in Alexandria. Many businesses, small and large, provide valuable and very important services to organizations. They provide financial and in-kind support, and donate time and skills to strengthen and enance the mission of the organization. Businesses play a vital role in the success of the organization. 

In addition, the Summit highlights a person who serves as a board member to support an organization, as well as awards a nonprofit leader, who has demonstrated leadership within and outside the agency.

The Business Philanthropist of the Year Award is given to an Alexandria business leader in recognition of extraordinary commitment to volunteerism and financial support to the Alexandria community. 

The Veteran of the Year Award is presented to a military veteran who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in volunteerism, philanthropy, patriotism and public awareness of veterans’ needs in Alexandria. 

The Business Philanthropy Legacy Award is presented only when the Awards Committee deems that a family should be recognized for their leadership in business philanthropy.  Since Alexandria’s founding in 1749, the city has benefited from the participation of its family businesses in its economic and community growth. This award is bestowed on the families and their businesses that continue to make a difference in Alexandria through their legacy of dedication to local nonprofit organizations.

The Nonprofit Board Leader of the Year Award is given to an individual for their extraordinary commitment to volunteerism, board service and support of nonprofit organizations in the Alexandria community. 

The Nonprofit Leader of the Year Award is given to a nonprofit executive who has shown extraordinary leadership for his or her organization, as well as has made a broader impact on the Alexandria community and the region.